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Korean podcast for beginner|EP1| Getting to know each other

Here's how to effectively use the Talkhey podcast

1. Listen to Episodes: Listen to each episode and try understanding context.

2. Learn Vocabulary and Expressions: Pay close attention to the vocabulary and expressions used in each episode. Take notes if needed.

3. Re-listen for Better Understanding: Re-listen to episodes multiple times to reinforce your comprehension and grasp of the content.

4. Practice with Worksheets: Use the provided worksheets to practice what you've learned from the episodes. These exercises will help solidify your understanding and retention.

5. Create Your Own Sentences: After grasping the vocabulary and expressions, try creating your own sentences.

You can find the worksheets including transcripts and vocabulary list.

EP1. Getting know each other
Download PDF • 278KB

Quick Tip! 레몬에이드? 레모네이드?

The official Korean spelling is '레모네이드'. However, if you visit cafes in Korea, you'll often see it written as '레몬에이드'.


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